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Kitchen Feng Shui


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Kitchen Feng Shui for Health & Wealth

Kitchen Feng Shui

For many cultures throughout the world, the kitchen is the heart of a home. An important center for cooking, the kitchen is vital to the wellbeing and health of the family. From a Feng Shui perspective, the kitchen also holds wealth energy. The logic follows a positive cycle with food nourishing the body that enables a person to go out into the world to manifest money and resources for life.  

Central to good Feng Shui kitchen design is the placement of two key elements – fire and water – represented by the stove and sink. Of the two elements, fire is the most potent. It is considered unwise to place the sink directly opposite the stove since water “puts out” fire, thus diminishing the wealth potential of the household. If you have these clashing elements, the best remedy is to reorient the sink or stove. If this isn’t possible consider adding a wood element between the two to create harmony since water“nourishes” wood which “fuels” fire. Wood element décor includes wood flooring, a chopping block, cooking utensils or a floor mat with a floral or leaf pattern.  

Another important consideration for good Feng Shui is placing the cook in the “command position” with the ability to see who is entering the room. A kitchen island is ideal, however, it is common to find the stove placed against a wall. To remedy this less than ideal positioning, place a microwave above the stove and use the door as a mirror to reflect the kitchen activities.  

The burners on a stove symbolize wealth potential. The more burners, the greater the financial opportunities. Make sure all burners are clean, unclogged and in good working order.  Rotate their use so they are all active and generating energy. Lastly, add a shiny teakettle or a mirrored backsplash to double your burners and earning potential!

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Feng Shui for Kitchen Design and Remodeling

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