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 Top 10 Simple Energy Saving Tips


General Homes and Buildings

Blower Door Tests

Carbon Footprint

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs


Energy-Efficient Appliances
Energy-Efficient Windows

Energy Star

HERS Index

Home Energy Audits

House as a System

Insulating for Energy Efficiency


Natural Daylighting

Near-Zero Energy Homes

Recycling at Home

Winterizing Your Home


Health, Safety, and Comfort


Carbon Monoxide

Fire Safety – Choices that Fight Fire Devastation
Hazardous Materials

Indoor Air Quality

Low VOC Paint
Moisture Management for Energy-Efficiency

Mold Mitigation in Homes and Buildings

Sealing the Existing Home

Walkability and Walkscore

Building Materials
Alternative Decking Materials
Bamboo Flooring
Building Materials

Log Homes
Recycled Content Carpet
Straw Bale Home Basics



Alternative Pesticides – Integrated Pest Management

Conservation Easements

Eco-Friendly Cleaners

Landscaping: Shade Trees and Windbreaks
Landscaping: Xeriscaping for Resource Efficiency

Wind Energy




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Water Quality and Conservation

Faucet Aerators

Grey-Water Heat Recovery Systems

Low-Flow Showerheads


Low-Flow Toilets

Water Conservation

Water Quality


Heating, Cooling, and Ventilation

Energy Recovery – Controlled Ventilation Systems

Geothermal Heating Systems
Heating – Central Location for Heating Unit
Heating – High Combustion Efficiency
Heating – Outside Source for Combustion Air
Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning


Programmable Thermostats
Radiant Floor Heat
Water Heating – Instantaneous Water Heaters


Solar Topics
Passive Solar Heating

Solar Orientation Issues
Solar Photovoltaic Panels

Solar Roof Overhangs
Solar Tubes

Solar Water Heaters


Roofing Overview
Roofs – Durable, Lasting Roofing Materials
Radiant Barriers
Reflective Roof Coating

Green Roofs


Energy-Efficient Mortgages

Energy Efficiency and Traditional Mortgages